Operation in Maldives

As one of the world's major resorts, place to create a fish related factory is limited in the Maldives. Therefore, we brought in a tuna exclusive factory barge vessel. We bought and reorganized this installation that was formerly used by Taiwanese Ting Hong in the Solomon and Micronesia. Among the latest style of equipment are an ice supplying system providing 100 tones of ice per day, a osmosis system providing 100 tones of fresh water per day, a 700 tones refrigerator, a EU standard processing room and a - 400 C Blast Freezer. This installation is serviced by 50 staff-members. More than a 100 local fishing boats use the crushing ice offered by the factory barge. The fish caught are processed in the processing room and sent to the European market. Tuna business has developed to stand side by side with tourism business as the Maldives most important industry.

Views of the barge

The huge barge vessel with its 90m long and 6000 tones. Unique in the world!

The catch of Chinese fishing boats is offloaded. It is moved to the deck of the barge by a hoist crane.

Fish offloaded from a Maldives local tuna fishing boats.

Marine products deep-frozen operation; It will not be used for sashimi but will serve as raw materials for processed products.

Fish Offloading on the deck of the barge, followed by selection, weighing and packing operations.

Processing of sashimi bounded for Europe. Vacuum packing is done.

Processing Operations.