Operation in Papua New Guinea

The Equatorial Marine Resouces Company uses 10 vessels for tuna business.
60 local seamen are working in the company.

Papua Memberss working in the factory and office

Tuna Fishing Vessel into dry-dock

Views of fish offloading at Port Moresby ()

Papua Processing Business

Tuna that is offloaded from 20 boats included Taiwanese fishing vessels, is sent by air as sashimi to
the Japanese market. Other tuna and "by-catch fish are processed in our factory to become frozen
products that are exprted to the USA and other countries. 50 Papua New Guinean staff-members
are working in the factory.

Processing Operation

Processing in a sanitized factory
Room tempereture is kept to 18
Whole Tuna are rapidly deep-frozen. Tuna spend
one night at -40 or lower tempereture. If you
beat a frozen tuna, it will give metallic sound!